CPM 2020 Teacher Pre-conference

February 21, 2020
San Francisco, California

Consider joining us for our Pre-conference, an inspiring interactive all-day workshop. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn, question, discuss and share with others on a topic that you are passionate about in order to advance student learning in your classroom. Space is limited and preregistration for these events is required. Add a workshop to your Conference Registration.

Pre-Conference Topics:

Assessment: Using Evidence For Student Learning

Are your assessments aligned with instruction?  How does assessment impact student learning? Spend the day exploring and discussing important assessment topics and leave with a process for deciding what and when to assess in a CPM classroom.

Topics will include:
  • An in-depth look at the purpose of formative and summative assessment and their impact on student learning
  • The impact of grading practices and the case for rubric scoring
  • Assessment timing in a CPM classroom
  • Interpreting student work

  • Presenters:

    Bruce Brusoe: Bruce is currently serving as the CPM Regional Coordinator for Wisconsin. His duties include adoptions, workshop coordination, coaching, site visits, and various CPM projects.  Bruce spent 24 years teaching high school math and computer science courses. Having taught CPM courses from algebra through calculus, Bruce has experienced the benefits of CPM’s cohesive, balanced, and rigorous program.  Bruce believes that effective teaching practices support high cognitive demand activities for all students. Bruce lives in Madison, WI with his wife Diane and two sons, Henry and Martin. Contact: brucebrusoe@cpm.org.

    John Hayes:   John taught high school math in Eagle River, Wisconsin for 16 years. He is a certified Master Educator Teacher in 6–12 mathematics and is a National Board Certified Teacher in adolescent/young adult mathematics. In 2015 John won the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. He is currently a Math Coach and Teacher Leader for CPM. Contact: johnhayes@cpm.org.

    Bold Leadership in Mathematics: Professional Learning for Building and District Level Administrators who Supervise and Support CPM Teachers

    Designed for building and district-level administrators, this 6-hour professional learning experience will explore the research behind student-centered problem-based learning, the professional progression for CPM teachers, critical look fors in a strong CPM classroom, and tools designed to build capacity in CPM teachers.   Time will also be spent on resources and approaches that support the involvement of parents and the extended community in the vital work of providing excellent mathematics education to our secondary students.   


    Thomas Stricklin: Tom Stricklin has spent 14 years in the classroom, teaching Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and Precalculus out of the CPM curriculum for 8 of them.   He has spent 5 years as an instructional coach, 2 of those years at North Salem High School, and 3 of them as the district math coach for Salem Keizer Public Schools.   For CPM, Tom serves as a teacher leader and coach and has worked with CPM writing teams to develop the training for CPM Coaches, Building Leaders and Administrators who Support CPM Teachers, and the current Phase 1 workshop.   As well as presenting at the CPM National Teacher Conference, Tom has presented at the Northwest Math Conference as well as regional and national conferences for NCTM and NCSM.  

    Michelle Tindall: Michelle Tindall is currently the K-12 Science and Math Coordinator for Birmingham Public Schools, supporting students, teachers, and administrators in their ongoing implementation of CPM. During her 28-years in education, she has served as a classroom teacher, building department chair, district curriculum technology integrator, and K-12 curriculum coordinator. She has designed and facilitated professional learning opportunities for teachers in southeast Michigan, presented at both state and national conferences, and is actively involved in curriculum writing. For CPM, Michelle serves as an Implementation Support Partner and administrator workshop facilitator.

    Coaching - School or District Based Coaches or Instructional Support Teachers

    Designed for district or school-based coaches who support teachers using CPM materials. Develop listening, thinking and responding skills to support the work of a math coach. Consider how building relationships impact the effectiveness of the coach’s role. Learn how to use tools to support continuous teacher growth and walk away with CPM resources that can be used in coaching any student-centered, problem-based math class.


    Melissa Thomley: Melissa is in her 26th year with CPM.  She has been a high school teacher, trainer, instructional coach, and parent to two daughters who have gone through the CPM program.  Melissa’s vision in her current instructional coaching role is to build classrooms that are filled with collaborative learning and rigorous problem solving, empowering students to be confident in their thinking and conclusions and contribute and transform the community and world we live in.

    Desmos in the CPM Classroom

    New to Desmos or are you a veteran? This session is for middle and high school CPM teachers (novice or veteran) who are wanting to more effectively use the Desmos tools available to CPM teachers. Come to see the many ways to engage your students in a meaningful understanding of the math they are learning in your classroom.



    Study Teams 2.0:  Maximizing Student Engagement and Success Through Effective and Equitable Study Teams

    This session is for middle and high school CPM teachers (novice or veteran) who are wanting their study teams to be more collaborative and thus, more productive.  The focus will be on thinking through what successful teams are and do to: 
    1. create a safe environment for collaboration and risk-taking
    2. provide greater access and equity within the teams
    3. openly celebrate successes and failures
    You will be provided with tips, tools, and activities (beyond Study Team Teaching Strategies) that can help level up your study teams.


    Megan Kean: Megan has taught both math and science in middle schools for over ten years with the last three years teaching CPM. CPM has really motivated Megan to help all learners in mathematics. She enjoys how all students do not need to demonstrate learning in the same way. Megan believes in celebrating mistakes and success with her students.

    Anthony Jones: Anthony Jones (@MathGuru7) is an educator, technology assistant and team leader within his district. He has been teaching math for 15 years, with the last 7 of those utilizing the CPM Curriculum.  He has been a part of the TRC research corps for the past 3 years as well as presenting at several national conferences. This year, he joined CPM full-time as a part of the Curriculum and Assessment writing team.

    Anthony is a proponent of using Twitter for educational purposes and regularly contributes to #educhats, including #tlap, #txeduchat, and #bfc530.  He has a passion for seeing students succeed at a high level. He believes strongly in equity and access within the classroom and loves to give students a voice and a choice in their educational pursuits.  He also is a fan of integrating curriculum with technology and real-world applications.