Desmos: Teaching Faculty Position Available

There is enormous and untapped demand for meaningful interactions between students and technology in math class, interactions that go far beyond watching videos and clicking on multiple choice answers. We are looking for a new Desmos Teaching Faculty Member to help us meet that demand. Our faculty members build activities using our free Graphing Calculator and Activity Builder. Sometimes they build those activities in consultation with major publishers who want to energize their existing materials. Other times they build from scratch, asking themselves, "What math would we like students to learn?" and "How can Desmos technology uniquely help them learn it and love learning it?"

What you should show up ready to teach anyone on your first day:

  • What a day in the life of a public middle- or high-school teacher looks like in the United States.
  • The major challenges of technology integration in US classrooms from the perspective of both students and teachers.
  • What separates a great math lesson from a lousy math lesson.
  • What separates great classroom technology from lousy classroom technology.
  • A five-minute summary of any math topic up to advanced high school algebra.
  • Any item from our beginner level Graphing Calculator scavenger hunt.
  • How you’d make five modifications to this activity to improve it for student use.

What you’ll learn more about after you’re hired:

  • Computation Layer, the programming language we use to set up rich interactions between students, technology, and mathematics.
  • Our design principles for building great activities with technology.
  • How theories of learning intersect with our work.

Within your first month, you’ll:

  • Introduce yourself on Slack to your new colleagues!
  • Work with our other faculty members to get up to speed on the technology we use to keep ourselves organized. (Jira, Slack, Trello, and Google Apps, mainly.) This may take less than a month because you’re a quick study with new systems and aren’t afraid to ask for help when you need it.
  • Give feedback to your colleagues on activities they’re developing. We hired you because you have significant classroom experience, strong opinions about what works in math, education, and technology, and because you can help us understand the perspectives of people who are underrepresented in technology and mathematics. You’ll make those opinions known and help us improve our activities. You’ll offer most of this feedback in written form, which isn’t a problem for you, since your writing is clear and concise.
  • Take one of the other faculty members’ plans for an activity and build as much of it as you can with tools you have already used in significant ways – our Graphing Calculator and Activity Builder. You’ll collaborate with engineers, designers, and other faculty members on everything you can’t build on your own.

Within your first three months, you’ll:

  • Set and meet an ambitious goal for your own activity production. This will be split between activities you’ll adapt from your colleagues’ ideas and activities you’ll adapt from your own ideas, using the activity- and lesson-building skills you’re importing from your classroom experience. You’ll continue to support and be supported by the rest of your team.
  • Participate in a classroom visit to watch students learning from one of your activities! You’ll write up and implement a plan to revise that activity based on your classroom observations.
  • Present an activity you’ve built at one of our weekly, company-wide activity show-and-tells.

Within your first year, you’ll:

  • Meet with the people mentoring you at Desmos to discuss growth opportunities at our company. You’re ambitious and self-motivated so this will be a conversation you’ve been eagerly awaiting.
  • Present or co-present your work at a teaching conference.

Learn more about our company! Then send an email to with “Teaching Faculty” in the subject. Include your resume and a cover letter that helps us understand your preparation for the work we’ve described above. If you don’t think you’re a great fit for this role, feel free to email us anyway and let us know you want us to update you on other postings like this one.

Additional details can also be viewed on the Desmos career webpage