CPM: Regional Professional Learning Coordinator


The Regional Professional Learning Coordinator (RPLC) serves in the role of the CPM expert and primary point of contact in the region. The RPLC is responsible for guiding the region in achieving CPM’s mission and vision. The RPLC will lead the regional professional learning team to support the implementation and continued success of CPM at sites in the region. The RPLC will only directly facilitate professional learning events only in emergencies or with approval from the Director of Professional Learning.


We are an equal employment opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.


Our mission is to empower mathematics students and teachers through exemplary curriculum, professional development and leadership. We recognize and foster teacher expertise and leadership in mathematics education. We engage all students in learning mathematics through problem solving, reasoning and communication.


  1. Serve as the regional expert on the educational system for CPM (Background Knowledge)

    • Know information about CPM products and services at the expert level.

    • Know the mathematics frameworks, standards, and standardized assessment systems within your region and how CPM aligns with these.

    • Know the local educational agency systems within your region.

    • Know the university mathematics teacher educator programs within your region.

    • Know where CPM is present within your region

      • Monitor the stage of each site in the region

      • Ensure each site’s stage-appropriate needs are met.

    • Identify and maintain a list of model implementation sites within the region.

      • Review model sites yearly according to established procedures (TBD).

  2. Promote CPM in your region (Stage 0)

    • Collaborate with the Conference Project Manager (PM) to ensure that CPM is represented at local and state conferences in their region.

    • Belong to regional mathematics professional organization(s) and identify other opportunities in the region to increase awareness of CPM.

    • Contact University mathematics education preparation programs.

  3. Serve as CPM’s initial point of contact within the region. (Stages 1 & 2)

    • Provide information about CPM including eBook previews, examination copies, program overview presentations, and support for adoption review process/panels.

    • Conduct CPM program overview presentations

    • Pair districts looking for model sites with the model sites.

    • Arrange for the Pilots and Adoption coordinator to set up curriculum pilots or lesson samples.

      • Coordinate the professional learning support for the pilot.

  4. Implement the Professional Learning Progression for CPM sites. (Stage 3)

    • Design regional workshop and implementation support;

      • Schedule regional, local, residential model and makeup workshops as needed

        • Use the Workshop Set-up system to relay information to the workshop registration coordinator.

        • When necessary arrange make-up sessions for teachers who miss the summer workshops.

        • Inform teachers who miss the summer workshops of their options going forward to support their success in implementing the curriculum.

    • Communicate information about all residential implementation workshops

      • Organize and oversee the residential workshop in your region, if applicable.

    • Arrange for Implementation Support Visits as needed. Inform the Director of Professional Learning if help is needed to conduct these visits.

    • Assign Professional Learning Specialists to act as Implementation Partners for identified sites.

  5. Maintain ongoing relationships with CPM sites.(Stage 4)

    • Transition sites from CPM lead professional learning to the site based leadership.

    • Share the opportunity to apply for ABP-Veterans.

    • Inform customers of new products and services available.

    • Advise site-based leadership teams.

    • Communicate with teachers, district math coordinators, curriculum coordinators, and assistant superintendents for instruction.

    • If needed, assign a Regional Support Specialist to ensure the needs of sections in the region are covered.

    • Communicate with the coaching coordinator to support sites requesting coaching services.

  6. Lead and supervise the regional professional learning team including Professional Learning Specialists, Regional Support Specialists, and Classroom Specialists.

    • Collaborate with Regional Support Specialists to ensure all areas of the region are represented.

    • Assign staff to conduct Implementation Support Visits.

    • Assign staff to conduct workshops for their region.

    • Maintain accurate records of work assigned to regional team members.

    • Complete timesheet approval for members of the regional team.

    • Conduct annual performance reviews for each employee in their region.

  7. Participate in a leadership role within the CPM organization

    • Maintain accurate records of customer interactions in the various stages.

    • Coordinate with other RPLSs to create alignment and consistency across all regions.

    • Maintain open communication with the various CPM departments.

    • Provide information about their region to directors as requested.

    • Work with the Pilots and Adoption coordinator to arrange for professional learning for piloting/lesson sample schools.

    • Be knowledgeable about state mathematics curriculum framework/standards; knowledge of, change cycle awareness, and political concerns.

      • Work with CPM Pilots and Adoptions Coordinator to arrange for CPM presence at appropriate state/district meetings.

      • Work with CPM Pilots and Adoptions Coordinator to ensure CPM is represented in any call for proposals for state adoptions.

    • Attend internal professional learning sessions offered by CPM





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