Algebra 2 Connections

Algebra 2 Connections is the third in a five-year sequence of college preparatory mathematics courses offered by CPM Educational program. The course aims to apply and extend what students have learned in previous mathematics courses by focusing students on looking at multiple representations of functions and relations and on finding connections among the ideas they are studying. Students in Algebra 2 will continue to use problem solving strategies, questioning, investigating, and explaining in conjunction with their knowledge of the connections among algebra, geometry and functions to analyze problems and formulate solutions. Throughout the course, they will also use these strategies to extend their current knowledge by making new connections. Students will:   Read More...

Algebra 2 Connections Book Cover

Algebra 2 Connections Book Cover


This course contains several content threads that extend through multiple chapters and help to highlight connections between ideas. Chapter 1 begins by introducing the graphing calculator, building procedures for successful participation in study teams, and anticipating two major themes of the course: investigating functions and relations and modeling data. Chapter 2 continues this development with a focus on generalizing arithmetic and geometric sequences. Chapter 3 focuses on representing the family of exponential functions with graphs, tables, equations and applied situations.   Read More...


Chapters are divided into sections that are organized around core topics. Within each section, lessons include activities, challenging problems, investigations, and practice problems. Teacher notes for each lesson include a “suggested lesson activity” section with ideas for lesson introduction, specific tips and strategies for lesson implementation to clearly convey core ideas, and a means for bringing the lesson to closure.   Read More...


Based on the foregoing description of the course mathematical content, the course also has goals for student growth in mathematical reasoning, communication, and making connections. Students will grow in their ability to:  Read More...


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