CPM Support for Those Affected by California Fires


CPM Educational Program is sorry that many of our schools, teachers and students have been affected by fires in California.  

Each of the print books, student edition and teacher edition, included a complimentary eBook license.  If your school is in session, those licenses may give teachers and students immediate access to what they need. If you do not have the license management information you need for the eBooks, please submit a request for assistance to CPM Support via the link in the footer of our Internet site, cpm.org.

If your classes are meeting in temporary quarters without Internet access and you need print materials for class or a student has lost their text in the disaster, please contact us at orders@cpm.org.  Please, request only what you need so that the remaining inventory can be available to others in need. State what course materials you need, the number of each and the justification for the need. Middle schools should also indicate if Toolkits are needed.  We ask that you plan to pay the shipping costs for all replacement books. These replacement grant materials will not include additional complimentary eBook licenses.