Foundations For Algebra, Year 1

Welcome to the Foundations for Algebra Parent Guide. The purpose of this guide is to assist you should your child need help with homework or the ideas in the course. We believe all students can be successful in mathematics as long as they are willing to work and ask for help when they need it. We encourage you to contact your child’s teacher if your student has additional questions that this guide does not answer.

The guide is written for use with year 1 of the series. It is arranged by the topical bar graph displayed at the beginning of each chapter. These topics are: number sense, algebra and functions, measurement and geometry, statistics, data, and probability, and mathematical reasoning. Each topic is referenced to the chapter in which the major development of the concept occurs. Detailed examples follow a summary of the concept or skill and include complete solutions. The examples are similar to the work your child has done in class. Additional problems, with answers, are provided for your child to try.   Read More...

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Chapter 1: Algebra Rocks! Integers and Data Interpretation
Chapter 2: The Game Show: Integers and Solving Equations
Chapter 3: The Pig Race: Order of Operations and More Integers
Chapter 4: Mrs. Poppington Sees the World: Area and Multiplication
Chapter 5: The Giant 1: Ratios, Measurement, and Equivalent Fractions
Chapter 6: Millions and Billions: Ratio and Proportion
Chapter 7: The Garcias' New House: Operations with Fractions and Decimals
Chapter 8: Mars Colony: Geometery, Properties, and Equations
Chapter 9: Zappo Cola Containers: Circles and Cylinders
Chapter 10: The Jar of Marbles: Probability, Statistics, and Interpreting Data
Foundations for Algebra, Year 1

Foundations for Algebra, Year 1