CPM’s mission of More Math for More People has guided the development of CPM’s Professional Learning Progression. Teachers need support as they transition to a student-centered, problem-based curriculum, and the Professional Learning Progression is designed to offer that support. CPM schools at international sites pose different challenges. Therefore, CPM has developed guidelines for support for teachers teaching CPM at international (non-domestic) schools.  

Domestic schools follow CPM’s Professional Learning Progression. CPM expects teachers to participate in the eight days of workshops during a school’s first year of implementation and teachers may participate fully in all future offerings of regional professional learning at no additional expense. Please see CPM’s Professional Learning Progression for further information. Additionally, first year teachers may take advantage of up to two site visits by an experienced CPM Teacher Leader, depending on capacity in the region.

CPM schools at international sites pose different challenges. Therefore, CPM has developed these guidelines for support for teachers teaching CPM at international (non-domestic) schools.

CPM does not send a representative to conduct onsite workshops or conduct site visits, even when the international school is paying all costs. Workshops are intended to provide the participating teachers with an authentically sized classroom learning environment wherein they can gain experience and insights for the changing roles for both teachers and students new to the CPM curriculum program.

For further information contact Sharon Rendon, Director of Professional Development.

CPM teachers at international schools are welcome and encouraged to attend the CPM Residential Workshop or any of our other summer course workshops across the United States. CPM believes this is in the best interests of the international teachers because international teacher cohorts are geographically isolated in general, and attending the Residential workshop or any of CPM’s regional course workshops gives international teachers an opportunity to network beyond their daily cohort of teachers in a class-sized setting. For teachers from the international sites, we will waive the registration fee.

CPM will conduct webinars throughout the school year in lieu of follow up workshops for on-going support. We request that the site commits to sending someone to a second summer of professional development who would take on a leadership role for the site the following year.

The opportunity for site visits may not be feasible. When site visits are not feasible, CPM will develop and provide some alternatives to on-site classroom visits. International site visits may be possible to schedule if:

  • The site's country is not on the Department of State's Travel Warning or Travel Alert lists at the time the visit is being considered or at the time the event is scheduled.

  • CPM’s liability coverage is in effect for the site's country.

Details of site visits and alternatives for site visits vary by international site. The visits and alternatives are subject to change or cancellation.

CPM reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or reschedule events. In the unlikely event of a cancellation, postponement or date change, all registered participants will be notified as early as possible. CPM will not be responsible for any non-CPM charges incurred by the participants due to the cancellation of the event. Participants agree to these terms and conditions by registering for the event. If you have any questions about this cancellation policy, please contact cpm@cpm.org.