Culver Academies: Upper School Math Instructor

Culver Academies is seeking a Mathematics Instructor to join our community of learners starting in the fall of 2019. The primary teaching assignment is to two eighty-five minute blocks each day, leaving mathematics instructors responsible to around 30 students at any one time during the year. In addition to teaching, an instructor would be expected to (1) collaborate in our weekly gathering of a level team and biweekly department meetings, (2) participate in the department math help center weekly, (3) learn in a monthly interdisciplinary learning community, and (4) participate in our students’ experiences outside the classroom by supporting either athletics or residential life and serving as a mentor to a small group of students.
Math classrooms at Culver are technology-rich and student-centered. Because of this, the ideal candidate would have experience teaching mathematics as an inquiry-based curriculum and have an interest in incorporating technology in our 1:1 environment into the student learning experience. In addition, the ideal candidate would be comfortable guiding students in all courses from Pre-Algebra through Calculus. All instructors at Culver embrace the Culver teaching and learning model for their students.
Professional development is available for all instructors and is born from goals set by individual teachers and goals established within the mathematics department. Opportunities include traditional off-campus workshops and conferences, graduate work, research with students or colleagues, faculty-developed curriculum projects, and regularly scheduled on-campus teacher forums for learning support, educational technology, and culture.
Interested candidates who find themselves in sympathy with Culver’s Teaching and Learning Model and supportive of Culver’s Expectations for All Instructors should express interest by completing the linked inquiry form above.
Culver Academies offers competitive salary and benefits packages and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Interested applicants are encouraged to fill out an inquiry form at the link:

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