What Administrators Say…

Travis, Wisconsin (Math coordinator)
One of the main things I've heard from the teachers is that the structure of the lessons gives them the ability to quickly identify how individuals, small groups and the entire class are doing during a lesson. As a result the teachers are able to interact with students or facilitate activities to provide immediate responses. Students are less likely to fall through the cracks and students continue to progress at a productive pace."

Julie, Wisconsin (Assistant principal)
Students are organized into study teams and work on problem-based applications, team strategies and real-world applications. Many algebra teachers feel reenergized and are having more fun teaching math with the CPM approach. Algebra classes focus on both basic skills and problem solving strategies that are used to help students relate to and understand the concepts behind the problems. Our students are being taught Algebra in a more rigorous and relevant manner. It's really about discovering the math, rather than being told the math.

Peter, Wisconsin (Director of curriculum and instruction)
We are already seeing the benefits of the program (after 3 years). Students seem to be better prepared for higher level math courses and stronger results are showing up on various standardized tests.

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