Parent Tips - Week 10

To be successful in mathematics, students need to develop the ability to reason mathematically. To do so, students need to think about what they already know and then connect this knowledge to the new ideas they are learning. Many students are not used to the idea that what they learned yesterday or last week will be connected to today’s lesson. When students understand that connecting prior learning to new ideas is a normal part of their education, they will be more successful in mathematics. Your student can maximize their learning by:

  • Actively contributing in whole class and study team discussions.
  • Explaining what he has learned to someone else.
  • Completing all assigned problems and turning in assignments in a timely manner.
  • Checking and correcting problems on assignments (usually with their study partner or team) based on answers and solutions provided in class and online.
  • Asking for help when needed from a study partner, team, and/or teacher.
  • Attempting to provide help when asked by other students.
  • Taking notes and using his/her Toolkit or Learning Log when recommended by the teacher or the text.
  • Keeping a well-organized notebook.
  • Not distracting other students from the opportunity to learn.