The CPM Pilot Program is an opportunity for a school/district to implement the CPM curriculum with professional development and support as they navigate the adoption process. CPM believes that learning, change, and mastery take time. Because of this philosophy we prefer a semester or one year pilot. If you would like to receive more information about a pilot, please complete the CPM Pilot Interest Form or email pilots@cpm.org.

All of the CPM books emphasize problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and critical reasoning by students. In order to be approved for the CPM Pilot Program the school/district is required to send teachers to scheduled CPM Professional Learning (some travel may be required). Read about CPM’s Professional Learning Progression PDF. If you would like to receive more information about a possible pilot, please complete the CPM Pilot Interest Form and submit it.


If you are interested in adopting CPM as your mathematics curriculum, please complete the CPM Adoption Interest Form. If you require assistance with resources for your district adoption panel or have adoptions paperwork or forms that need to be completed by CPM please email them to adoptions@cpm.org.

For additional information or arrange for previews, contact your Regional Coordinator. 

Read The 2014 California Mathematics Adoption Process and CPM’s Approval for information about California’s adoption process.

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