I have used CPM in the classroom for seven years now. The change in understanding and knowledge that my students have of mathematics using CPM is remarkable. My students are thinking and understanding math, not just doing math procedures.

My students have the ability to apply their knowledge and understanding with great ease. When given a problem, the students have no difficulty figuring out the process needed to solve it. They are capable of answering different types of problems without hesitation.

Just this year, when we were about half way through the school year, one of my students said "The difficulty of the equations that we are solving is so much more complex than we did at the beginning of the year and I never realized that the equations were getting harder!" The students do not realize that the curriculum is getting harder. The program is written so carefully that the students are challenged more with each problem, but it is done so carefully that the students just do it and not realize what they are doing.

We have also had many teachers from other districts come to our school to observe what we are doing, because our scores have gone up so much. As I talk to the teachers after the observations, they are amazed at the depth of understanding and the difficulty of the problem that my students can do.

-Astrida, Pennsylvania