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It (CPM) really engages them and challenges them in a positive manner. One of the advantages is that topics spiral — we hit on the same topics over and over throughout the whole year, so it’s not like in years past where you cover a topic and after that chapter you’d be done. (A topic) comes back around over and over, and helps their retention level.
— Dave Schmitz, Portage High School Math Teacher



When I taught with a traditional book, my students would not even try a problem unless I showed them how to do a problem just like the one they were going to get for homework. Now, with CPM I can give any problem to students and they will always try to work through it, whether it is a problem that they have seen before or a completely new concept. It can be a team problem or individual problem and they will always try to solve it. They usually have a great idea about how to start or even solve the whole problem. The students continually open my eyes to the number of techniques they use to solve problem.
— Cynthia, Wisconsin