CPM Educational Program believes in partnering with teachers and site administration to improve instruction through specialized workshops and coaching. Various workshop topics are available to select from or workshops may be designed to meet the needs of your teachers and staff.  Contact your local Regional Coordinator for more information. Complimentary implementation workshops are available locally.

Sign up for your free teacher implementation workshop series. CPM materials require significant change in instructional practices from the traditional classroom. Because of this, CPM expects that teachers using the materials for the first time will attend three to four days of introductory workshops during the summer and three to five all-day meetings during the school year.

CPM underwrites the cost of providing this Professional Development. Workshops are held in more than 20 different states throughout the U.S.

Note: To register for CPM workshops you will need this district/regional confirmation code.
Code: Y1RTVR

Beyond first year implementation

For more information about workshops beyond the first year, contact your Regional Coordinator.

CPM supports teachers and schools beyond the first year of implementation. Year 2 may include up to four days of regional workshops focused on instructional strategies and up to 2 more days of visits.  Year 3 of implementation may include more regional workshop days focused on assessment.  Opportunities to apply for partial grants for coaching also occurs after Year 1 of implementation. Years 4 and 5 may include support for your teachers as they form cohorts to discuss chosen topics as well as leadership opportunities.

Residential Implementation Workshop

CPM’s extensive professional development workshops are essential to teaching the CPM program with fidelity and to maximize student success. Sometimes it is not feasible for isolated teachers to experience the benefits of the traditional workshop model, or a district cannot provide the necessary release time or substitutes for the school year workshops. For these limited cases, we have created a Residential Implementation Workshop model.

During this week-long intensive professional development workshop teachers will gain confidence and the tools they need to effectively teach CPM's curriculum. This year's Residential Implementation Workshop will be held at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City July 23-27, 2018, check-in July 22. The cost is $250 per teacher which includes dorm room and meals.  Attendees of the residential workshop will also attend three one-hour follow-up webinars. For more information, view the Residential Implementation Workshop flyer.

Creating Collaborative Classrooms Workshop Series

For more information contact Lisa Jasumback at

Note: To register for CPM workshops you will need this district/regional confirmation code.
Code: Y1RTVR

Join CPM for this free professional learning opportunity facilitated by a highly qualified CPM Teacher Leader. This seminar is appropriate for grades 6 - 12 teachers.

Teachers report challenges in implementing the strategies that make students college and career ready in the 21st century.

  • How do you keep students engaged on interesting math problems?
  • How do you make sure students are discussing rich, mathematical concepts and ideas?
  • How do you shift the teaching focus from covering topics to deepening students’ understanding of the mathematics in each course?

In this workshop, teachers will experience the excitement of engaging mathematical lessons while discussing the mathematics with colleagues. Participants will learn how to adjust lessons to promote mathematical discourse while also experiencing strategies they can use to facilitate discussions as students grapple with engaging problems.