CPM Sample Lessons

We at CPM feel that CPM is the best curriculum to promote problem solving, collaboration, communication, making connections within math topics, and gaining understanding, but we understand that we may not be the “right” curriculum for everyone. And, you know what? That is okay! We are not trying to be the biggest publisher. We want to do what is right for students and teachers. Our focus is student success and teacher growth. To that end, we offer several lessons for you to try out in your own classrooms.

The activities and problems provided in this handout are written for use with students and are excerpts from CPM’s middle school courses, Core Connections Courses 1, 2, 3, and the high school courses, Core Connections Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Core Connections Integrated I-III.  Each part will take anywhere from two to three class periods, depending on the ability of your students to collaborate within teams. We expect that students will be working in teams on these problems, and have access to the necessary supplies and manipulatives. Pairs or teams of four are ideal. Let them work through the problems while you circulate and question students to check for understanding and to move their thinking forward. Enjoy!

Middle School Lessons

High School Lessons