Thank you for considering a CPM Statistics course. Our focus is an active learning environment which covers all of the material necessary to earn an AP® designation. The writing team includes talented programming educators who have sought to harness CPM’s collaboration with Desmos in the creation of statistics activities. They have also written a graphics tool and other custom applications to accompany many of the lessons. The team anticipates that technology will be an ever expanding resource for this curriculum.

The CPM Statistics course comes with access to a statistics problem generator that parallels the problems developed in each chapter. There are thousands of problem scenarios available and the data is uniquely generated for each one so it can serve as a nearly infinite source of review and test questions. The problem generator also supplies detailed solutions when prompted so your students can use it for additional practice and study.

We know there are many excellent and highly detailed AP® Statistics textbooks available and the CPM writing team has decades of experience with them. With the launch of CPM Statistics, the vision of the writing team is to improve statistics education by providing a curriculum where students can learn by solving engaging problems together in an active, technology-enhanced, classroom environment.

Statistics Book Cover

Statistics Book Cover


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