For CPM Teachers


CPM Professional Development Vision:

To build the capacity of all teachers to have confidence in the mathematical content, plan lessons purposefully, assess understanding and give effective feedback to students, and work in the role of the more knowledgeable person in the classroom through engagement in CPM Professional Learning.  This will be accomplished by working in partnerships with teachers, schools, and districts.

Because one of CPM’s core beliefs is that learning, change, and mastery takes time, professional learning is a multi-year partnership facilitated by a knowledgeable, trained cadre of teacher leaders, coaches, and regional coordinators.  The professional learning is delivered through face to face workshops, implementation mentoring via email and classroom visits, webinars, coaching, small group cohorts, and ongoing opportunities for collaboration.

CPM Professional Learning Support
for International Sites

CPM’s mission of More Math for More People has guided the development of CPM’s Professional Learning Progression. Teachers need support as they transition to a student-centered, problem-based curriculum, and the Professional Learning Progression is designed to offer that support. CPM schools at international sites pose different challenges. Therefore, CPM has developed guidelines for support for teachers teaching CPM at international (non-domestic) schools.