Teacher Research Corps 6.0

During the past five years, the dozens of studies conducted by the members of the CPM Teacher Research Corps (formerly known as the Teaching Redesign Corps) have resulted in numerous suggestions for improvements in our current curriculum and professional development. This success has prompted CPM to support the next cycle of advancements by continuing to trust and build on the intellectual effort and wisdom of teachers. The goal for this next chapter is straightforward - help more students learn more math.

As the TRC research endeavor continues, we are not trying to change the textbooks in any way. Rather, what we want to do is help teachers become more effective in the classroom as they teach mathematics using CPM. We are looking for instructional strategies that are straightforward to learn and take minimal time to implement but which have high payoff in increased student learning. We strive to support teachers in their efforts to make classrooms a better place to learn and a more enjoyable place to teach.

We have welcomed diverse areas of investigation including formative assessment, growth mindset, mathematical discourse, number talks, goal setting, productive struggle, student self-assessment - metacognition, and study team improvement. Results from these studies have been shared as conference presentations, in professional development workshops, in newsletter articles, and in blog posts.   

And as the best ideas come from teachers, we are always open to new suggestions that participating teachers are passionate about, and welcome additional proposals for the summer meeting from anyone who is interested in being part of TRC. Please visit www.imath.us to learn about several of the current investigations and contact Mark Coté (markcote@cpm.org) if you would like more information about the program.  All application submissions must be completed by March 15th, 2019.

Through the Teacher Research Corps, our aim is to generate a culture of encouragement and continuous improvement as we strive to carry out our mission. We believe that CPM should always be seen as a place where good teachers can and do contribute good ideas that make a difference to many students.

The TRC Leadership Team