• Curriculum materials that use problem-based lessons, collaborative student study teams and spaced practice with course concepts.

  • Professional development programs for CPM and non-CPM teachers.

  • More mathematics for more people!


Informed by research our CCSS-aligned curriculum builds upon 25 years of experience writing problem-based, student-centered curriculum embedding the mathematical practices within lessons focused on big ideas and mathematical connections.  Learning strategies and pedagogy are research based.  Included in the textbooks are appendices designed to help teachers and students with standards that might otherwise be missed or require supplementing in the transition to the CCSS grade level standards.   
  • Core Connections, Courses 1-3 for grades 6-8
  • Core Connections Integrated I-III
  • Core Connections Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2
Formats available: hardbound, softbound, and eBook, in English and Spanish versions
  • Precalculus Third Edition - CCSS Fourth-Year Course
  • Calculus Third Edition - compatible with Advanced Placement® Calculus AB/BC; College Board example Textbook
  • Statistics - compatible with AP® Statistics
Formats available: hardbound and eBook


CPM teachers, current and retired, lead the eight days of implementation workshops that begin in summer and continue during the school year. Experiential workshops immerse teachers in a classroom environment implementing the standards for mathematical practice as they explore the curriculum content and develop teaching strategies for study teamwork.

Additional workshop support, various coaching models and individual mentoring are available via grant awards or by contracting with CPM mentors and coaches.

University Support Program

CPM is committed to supporting research in mathematics education and pre-service teachers enrolled in mathematics education programs. Learn more