Precalculus Third Edition

Third Edition Precalculus meets all of the standards for a Common Core 4th Year high school math course, and includes an introduction to calculus with functions, graphs, limits, area under a curve, and rates of change. The course is designed similarly to the CPM Core Connections courses. On a daily basis, students work collaboratively with others as they use problem-solving strategies, complete investigations, gather evidence, critically analyze results, and communicate clear and effective arguments while justifying their thinking.

The course is well balanced among procedural fluency (algorithms and basic skills), deep conceptual understanding, strategic competence (problem solving), and adaptive reasoning (application and extension). The course embeds the CCSS Standards for Mathematical Practice as an integral part of each lesson in the course. With the emergence of new technology, many lessons have moved beyond a traditional handheld device and are written with Desmos eTools as an integral component. The curriculum contains several key labs and hands-on activities throughout the course to introduce and connect concepts, with an emphasis on modeling.

Precalculus Third Edition Book Cover

Precalculus Third Edition Book Cover


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