CPM’s 8th Grade Support Course, Inspirations & Ideas

Course Design

Inspirations & Ideas is designed to support students in CPM’s Core Connections, Course 3 who sometimes struggle with mathematics. The expectation is that students in Inspirations & Ideas will be concurrently enrolled in Core Connections, Course 3, and therefore will have two math classes daily. Ideally, Inspirations & Ideas is a non-graded course, with no homework, and no summative assessments.

Course Structure

Inspirations & Ideas is a compilation of lessons, arranged appropriately in units, that convey multiple objectives. Although each unit may not fully address a single objective, as a compilation the objectives are met. The course does not attempt to address every content standard in the 8th grade curriculum. Rather the math content in the course is used as a vehicle to change students’ beliefs and attitudes about math. Inspirations & Ideas focuses on the following themes: Read More...