Welcome to CPM's Research Page!

CPM Educational Program offers funding opportunities for research that advances the field of mathematics education. Funding opportunities include dissertation fellowship awards for doctoral students as well as exploratory and extensive research grants for early career and established scholars in mathematics education and related fields.

Research Briefs

CPM Educational Program provides research briefs that summarize current scholarship on various topics in mathematics education. Research briefs aim to connect teachers, parents, and school administrators with up-to-date research about mathematics curriculum and instruction.

Research Base

CPM Educational Program is supported by an extensive and growing research base. CPM’s research base includes foundational educational research that supports CPM’s core principles as well as ongoing implementation studies on the effectiveness of CPM curriculum.

Resources for Researchers

CPM makes its existing research and curricular resources available to researchers who are interested in conducting studies in contexts that feature student collaboration and problem-based learning.

request for proposals / Research Awards

CPM Educational Program offers funding opportunities for research that will contribute to the field of mathematics education with the specific goal of increasing understanding of how to improve mathematics teaching and learning in grades 6-12. This grant program supports 1-year CPM Dissertation Fellowship Awards ($30,000 fixed stipend), 1-year Exploratory Grants (up to $50,000), and 2-3-year Extensive Research Grants (up to $250,000). CPM invites doctoral students, early career scholars, and established scholars to propose studies that advance the field of mathematics education through research that includes CPM classrooms, professional development, or curriculum materials in ways that build theory, develop methodological tools, and establish knowledge about curricular materials, teaching, and learning. Importantly, proposed studies do not need to focus centrally on CPM or be a study solely about CPM, but do need to include CPM as part of the context for the study. Funding for CPM curricular materials can be supported through these grants if appropriate.

Details and submission guidelines can be found in the request for proposals (RFP) for funding document. The RFP is updated annually each summer, with submissions due in late January of the following year. Decisions are announced in early May. Questions should be directed to research@cpm.org.