Welcome to CPM's Research Page!

CPM Educational Program offers funding opportunities for research that advances the field of mathematics education. Funding opportunities include fellowship awards for doctoral students and research grants for faculty in mathematics education and related fields. 

Research Briefs

CPM Educational Program provides research briefs that summarize current scholarship on various topics in mathematics education. Research briefs aim to connect teachers, parents, and school administrators to up-to-date research about mathematics curriculum and instruction.

Research Base

CPM Educational Program is supported by an extensive and growing research base. CPM’s research base includes foundational educational research that supports CPM’s core principles as well as ongoing studies on the efficacy and implementation of CPM curriculum.

Resources for Researchers

CPM provides resources for researchers who are conducting or are interested in conducting research related to CPM materials, classrooms, or teaching. These include information about published research related to CPM, official citations to textbooks, and information about accessing curriculum materials for research purposes.

request for proposals / Research Awards

CPM Educational Program offers funding opportunities for educational research that will contribute to the understanding of how to improve mathematics teaching and learning broadly.  CPM Educational Program is a California nonprofit corporation dedicated to improving mathematics curriculum and instruction in grades 6-12 in the United States.  This request for funding proposals invites mathematics education doctoral students and faculty to propose projects that advance the field of mathematics education through research that includes CPM classrooms, professional development, or curriculum materials.  This grant program supports 1-year CPM Dissertation Fellowship Awards, 1-year Exploratory Grants, and 2-3-year Extensive Research Grants. 

For 2019, proposals were due January 28. Decisions will be announced in May, 2019. Details and submission guidelines can be found in the request for proposals for funding document.  Questions should be directed to research@cpm.org